innovation that drives Entrepreneurship

Our Crucial Goals

  • Supporting the growth of high-quality industrial ventures
  • Supporting innovation and industrialization in higher education
  • To award organizations, individuals, and academic institutions
  • To coordinate various educational programs, conferences, events, expos on commerce, science, cultural performances, and art and crafts
  • Boosting financial assistance programs and systems, including private-sector innovations in higher education sponsorship, which act to enhance college accessibility and affordability while incentivizing results.
  • Synchronizing with local establishments to decide those academic prerequisites and skills currently necessary in the workplace and functioning with local academic institutions to make sure that the syllabus is lined up with the present requirements.
  • Aiding businesses to flourish and expand
  • Improving job opportunities Releasing bulletins, periodic journals, newsletters, and magazines
  • Advocating a methodical growth and progress of all sections of the community
  • Supporting the all-inclusive economic steadiness of the community
  • How We Manage Our Operations

    The US Chamber of Industry and Innovation is run by its members. A board of directors gets elected who decides strategies and fixes targets. The chairman/chief elected officer has the responsibility to preside over all board meetings. The day-to-day functioning of the chamber is managed by a qualified manager, who typically is a paid staff. Participation of members is enhanced by motivating them to act on committees. Committees can comprise training, economic growth, human resources, government relations, tourism, and public affairs. Members of the Chamber of Industry have to pay token fees as determined by the board/managing committee from time to time.

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    Head Office - 6408 Elizabeth Avenue SE , Auburn WA 98092 , USA


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