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Apple Podcasts vs Spotify – New Shows to Add to Your Queue

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Apple and Podcasts

To begin with, it is nearly unimaginable that this is probably the 16th year that Apple has made podcasts quite swiftly available to the masses by successfully fitting them within the confines of iTunes 4.9. As Steve Jobs’ opinion recorded, what casting can easily be called a substitute for radio of the generation next where the consumers can simply subscribe to two free podcasts and experience automated delivery? We all know that Apple has stopped with a 1.68 million if you simply check the records of December 2020. Offering over 3000 podcasts has been quite an experience for them. At this point, the consumers had probably expected 11 more towards the development of podcasts as far as Apple is concerned. However, we have seen stagnation concerning Apple’s presence in the market concerning podcasts for Apple has had several other priorities.

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Spotify and Podcasts

The podcast platform which belongs to Spotify was first brought to the market in the year of 2015. As the time came to be known as the time, we have seen Spotify have a soft spot for exclusive content. Ever since the launch that Spotify had it has had a proclivity towards expanding do unique big shoes which came into being with the help of strategic partnerships with particularly famous bands such as Joe Rogan. The positive thing about Spotify is that it constantly keeps developing itself. It keeps on bringing you celebrity attractions to promote and make new announcements. A contrary to Apple one must note that Spotify has been most active concerning this field and titled podcast.

Shows You Can Add to Your Queue

In this section, we will give you a list of the trending podcasts that you may want to add to your list. Here it goes:

  • How to Be a Better Human (TED)
  • Checking In (Condé Nast)
  • Business Movers (Wondery)

To conclude we would like to say that in this blog we have tried to give you a clear picture of the podcast market and the distinctions between Apple and Spotify. It will not be a waste of time to note that when it comes to podcasts people will always go for a development platform that makes room for welcoming the new while Spotify is doing a job worth praising; it is undeniable that Apple has rightfully ruled the market for long. It is difficult to beat Apple podcasts with the Apple podcasts app either, but we may want to witness Apple-exclusive content in the future. Hope this helps you!